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Most expensive Csgo items and cosmetics.

The first most expensive item is the #387 Karambit/Case hardened blue gem and is priced on the steam marketplace ad 150,000 USD. It is rumored that it is owned by a Chinese YouTuber. It is so expensive cause its so rare that only one known person has it and the beautiful blue pattern and that pattern is the hardest to get.

The next most expensive item in csgo is Awp Dragon Lore. It is priced as of now 210,000 USD without stickers and with stickers, it is 250,000 USD. It is so rare because it was limited and its drop rate is the lowest in the entire game. But it’s not the rarest because it is widely available on trading sites and the steam market places.

The next most expensive item is the Stattrack M4A4 Howl skin. It is priced at 180,000 USD. It is so expensive because there are two versions, the pre-incident, and the incident skin. You are probably wondering what the incident is, well it is heard that the pre-incident skin was stolen artwork so valve (the creators of csgo) had to change the skin and made the pre-incident skin unobtainable. But if you had the pre-incident skin before the change you will still keep it. And that made the price skyrocket.

Steam Community :: Screenshot :: StatTrak M4a4 Howl Factory New Fv 0.018.  Rank #10. Non Duped. w/ NIP Katowice 2014 Holo.

The next most expensive item in csgo is the Specialist glove/crimson kimono. The gloves are so expensive because of how rare they are and the pattern of red streaks. The amount of red and quality determine the scale of how much the gloves can be. The most expensive sold where 1,500 USD.

FT Specialist Gloves Crimson Kimono CSGO - YouTube

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