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What is valorant.

Valorant is a first person competetive shooter heavely inspired by csgo for mechanics, call of duty for search and destroy, and overwatch for abilites. Valorant was realesed in June 2 2020. It exploded in popularity after the fall in popularity in overwatch and csgo. It was so loved by both overwatch and csgo players because of the mechanics of csgo and the overwatch type abilites with each agent. It currently has over 18 current playable character in the game. Well now you might be asking what are the agents? So all the agents are Astra, Phoenix, Brimstone, Omen, Jett, Killjoy, Yoru, Reyna, Breach, Chamber, Cypher, Kayo, Neon, Raze, Sage, Skye, Sova, and Viper. These character are special because they all have different unique abilites and perks. They are all categoized in four different classes. The classes are Duelists, Sentinels, Controllers, and initiators. Each play a different role in a team comp (composition). Also in every teamp comp you cant use the same characters, they all have to be different. Each team contains 5 players and 5 different character and to win you kill all of the other team in that round or defuse the spike and win. Finally I’m going to talk about the buy system and the guns. So each round the each team gets credits to buy weapons and each weapon is a different price. You get more credits by winning and the more people you kill. You can also buy weapons for your teamates and drop your weapons to give it to them. Their are six categories of weapons, sidearms, smgs, shotguns, machine guns, rifles, and snipers. Each play a different role and have a different play style. You can only play valorant on pc and any type of computer.

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