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Lost ark explained.

Well, now you may be wondering what is Lost ark. Lost Ark is an MMORPG/point and clicks game. The game was made by Asian developers and now has just been released in the US. The game exploded in popularity because it was so similar to another MMORPG such as WORLD OF WARCRAFT and diablo. The game has 6 classes, the classes are Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, Mage, and Assassin. Each class has a different role and play style in PvE and PVP. Lost ark has 50 levels and each level you gain, you get stronger. Also when you get to level 50 you are now able to pvp or fight other players. Also while you level up the enemies get harder and harder to beat but you get stronger so most of the time its not difficult. There are many ways to level up you can do side quests, kill enemies, do dungeons, and do story quests. Story quests give the most amount of exp and is the fastest way to level up besides dungeons. Another feature of the game is the gear and weapons you can get. You can get them from enemy drops, quest rewards, and dungeons. You mostly get them from dungeons and quests. Also when you equip better gear you get better stats and gear score. Lost ark is mouse and keyboard and controller compatible, if you want to ask which is better to use, it really doesn’t matter just use which is more comfortable and suitable for you. You can download lost ark on steam and play for free.

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