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Jujutsu Kaisen.

Jujutsu Kaisen is an anime first aired on October 3, 2020. The manga was first released on March 5, 2018. Both were written by Hiroshi Seko and the music was written by Hiroaki Tsutsumi, Yoshimasa Terui, and Alisa Okehazama.

Here is the plot. Yuji Itadori is an unnaturally fit high school student living in Sendai. On his deathbed, his grandfather instills two powerful messages within Yuji: “always help others” and “die surrounded by people.” Yuji’s friends at the Occult Club unsealed the talisman, a rotten finger, which attracted Curses to the school. Yuji swallows the finger to protect Megumi Fushiguro and his friends and becomes the host of Ryomen Sukuna, a powerful Curse. Due to Sukuna’s evil nature, all sorcerers are required to exorcise him (and by extension, Yuji) immediately. However, Yuji can retain control over his body. Seeing this, Satoru Gojo, Megumi’s teacher, decides to take him to the Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School to propose a plan to his superiors: postpone Yuji’s death sentence until he consumes all of Sukuna’s fingers, allowing them to kill Sukuna once and for all. Yuji continues to train directly under the mentorship of Gojo. At the same time, a group of cursed spirits plots a multi-layered attack on the world of jujutsu sorcery, including the cursed spirit Mahito, whose “Idle Transfiguration” can reshape the soul of any human, and Suguru Geto, a disgruntled jujutsu sorcerer. At the exchange event between the Tokyo and Kyoto jujutsu schools, some want Yuji dead immediately, while others side with Gojo to keep him alive. Gojo and Geto failed to protect a young girl from Toji Fushiguro, Megumi’s father, an assassin from the Zenin clan. Geto decides the world must be cleansed of non-sorcerers so no more cursed spirits can manifest.

Like jujutsu sorcerers, cursed spirits are ranked as well but the classifications are not entirely exact. Each sorcerer can take down the curse of the same level or lower. These are the different ranks: Grade 4, Grade 3, Semi-Grade 2, Grade 2, Semi-Grade 2, Semi-Grade 1, Grade 1, Special Grade 1, and special grade.

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